Tweet Cloud – my WordPress plugin

If you saw my tweets in the last couple of days mentioning a WordPress plugin, both writing it up and submitting it for checks, then this is the one they’re referring to.

You can download the plugin from the link on the WordPress plugin page or directly from here.

I’ve also put together a page in my development resource for Tweet Cloud for updates, screenshots, feedback, etc.

The script came about after an idea for displaying the most common and recently discussed content from a Twitter page, and what more interesting way to do it than with a content cloud.

It was written in a night and the most difficult part turned out to be uploading it to the WordPress Subversion Repository, for which I used TortoiseSVN and this tutorial. Kudos to them!

As with everything I develop, please feel free to give feedback either in the comment section below or to my email address.

Cheers, and enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tweet Cloud – my WordPress plugin

  1. I may be stupid but i cant figure out hw it works. The plugin doesent appear in the widget section and i attached the code for sidebar..but nothing happens. What do i do wrong. best leon

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