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A New Kind of Game Jam

Recently I got into a long discussion with my good friend (and awesome audio engineer) David Manuel about what could be done to encourage innovation in today’s games industry. Companies tend to stick with what they know in order to keep their employees in a job and their balance sheet in the positive, even if this means being unable to consider taking (even calculated) risks. Doing so has the inevitable effect of stifling innovation within the sector and breeding same-old products, which in turn discourages further investment.

Ultimately, companies and small independent teams alike need the freedom to experiment with new ideas. The solution needs to capitalise on the creation of original concepts while still being low risk to the company’s time. By the same token, it should also encourage collaboration, testing and feedback within the industry and gaming community in order to maximise promotion and participation.

So here’s the idea:

“Incubator Jam”

A game jam that you’re used to, designed to encourage innovation while ensuring that content rights stay with development teams. Continue reading A New Kind of Game Jam