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Setting Up Haxe and NME in FlashDevelop

Tired of jumping between different languages when working on new projects? Looking to reuse your game engine across many different platforms with no extra porting effort? Haxe is an open source write-once build-anywhere language and compiler developed with this in mind.

With the current trend of ubiquitous gaming brings the need for ubiquitous game development, and what better way to get the best bang for your buck than to write in one language that does all the native compilation legwork for you.

I’ve been looking into Haxe as a means of time-efficient distribution between multiple platforms. My main rule was that the applications had to be natively compiled (as I’ve found HTML5 performance to be heavily lacking, even when virtualised). It lead me to Haxe as a solution, and its simplicity was impressive.

This guide covers how to set up a Haxe project with NME in FlashDevelop for Windows. Continue reading Setting Up Haxe and NME in FlashDevelop