I’m a Twit

Or is it twitee? Or twitterer…?

Either way my lack of sleep has lead me onto Twitter tonight and I signed up for a shiny new account on it. Thought it best to put my caffeine-induced insomnia to some use.


One of the first things I noticed about it was it’s difficult to get the user name I wanted. Maybe it’s just me having an apparently common name but even countless variations on it didn’t give me much joy. And I know how important it is today to have the proper web names associated with yourself (it was hard enough getting this domain name, and turns out it’s just as difficult to get a twitter user name).

But anyway enough of that.

I settled on the (appropriate for those that know me) name of @stevedecoded, uploaded a profile picture (which Twitter told me was a nice one ^-^), and set up a Twitter updater for my feeds that should hopefully post this, and every other post for that matter, onto my account.

So yeah, don’t be shy and hit me up when you get the chance. I’m sure my replies will be somewhat informative or at the very least amusing.

Cheers and happy Tweeting 🙂