Finding your perfect wallpaper with Google Image Search

After finally getting round to fixing my desktop background today (which had something to do with the whole “display web page on your desktop” thing, that I’ll explain at the end for those that have this problem), I decided to have a look around the internet for a nice new image for it.

After a few very miserable attempts at some “website’s own” search results, or having to rake through lists of them from each site’s different categories, I turned to Google Images.

It wasn’t until now that I had found such a great use for its new feature, the colour filter, that you might have noticed on your own escapades into their image search pages. Looks a bit like this:

Google Image colour filter

This helps you get the general colour of background image you want, should you have a preference. I liked this because, as far as I know, no desktop image download sites have this and it’s an option a lot of people would benefit from.

You can also click on Advanced Image Search next to the search buttons like in the image below…

Google Images Advanced Search link

…to use a wider range of options:

Content types
For news content, faces, photo content and line drawings specifically

Exact size
If you want it to be the precise size of your desktop (with a handy link to put them in itself if you don’t know the sizes off-hand)

If you want it to be in a specific format (may improve quality if you don’t choose GIF and pick BMP instead, but it’s not always the case)

If you’re looking for black and white or grayscale images

If you like the images on a site, but want a better search method

There’s also an experimental feature in Google Labs called Similar Images which may also help you find what you’re looking for (although it doesn’t have all the options listed above, so it’ll have to be a one-or-the-other choice).

I can now safely say that I have a much better background than the black screen I had been living with recently, although it wouldn’t have taken much.

Oh yeah, the background solution thing.

Basically I was getting a completely black background and whenever I tried to change the image it just stayed the way it was, although it seemed to be taking the time to load it in.

Right click your desktop and go to Properties,
Click the Desktop tab then the Customize Desktop... button,
If there’s a Web tab click on that then untick everything that’s on that page and OK your way out.

If not, you probably don’t have the same problem I did.

Good luck 🙂